Proprietary futures trading.

We trade futures markets with a particular focus on commodities, lleveraging advanced time spread risk management techniques. We employ proprietary strategies designed to capitalize on market opportunities while managing risk effectively. We write a weekly report called The VWAP Report and also provide advanced training.
TRADING is waiting, WAITING is trading.
How we think

Opportunities for alpha generation and financial gain are akin to buses arriving at a station. Each individual stands at this station, yet not every bus aligns with their objectives. Our discernible edge directs our focus towards the specific buses that suit our strategy. Patience becomes imperative as we await the arrival of these selected opportunities.

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What we do

We seek to find alpha across Commodities, FX, Equities and Fixed income. We extract this alpha by exploiting temporary market mispricings. Our core focus is in trading Oil and Nat Gas futures. We also trade Fixed income, FX and Equity indicies.

Our Edge

We constantly measure value based on volume and time. We buy when we see a market as cheap and sell when we see a market as expensive.We manage risk across the futures curve, capitalising on seasonality and temporary mispricing. Get in contact if you would like to speak withj us more on this.

Our Mission

To operate with complete integrity and extract alpha from inefficient markets.

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